Governor Fallin signs rules implementing medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Governor Fallin. (KOKH)

Oklahoma's governor has signed rules adopted by the Oklahoma State Board of Health that implement medical marijuana in the state.

Governor Mary Fallin states that the rules that were adopted Tuesday are the "best place to start in developing a proper regulatory framework for medical marijuana". The board made two big amendments to the emergency rules Tuesday, making it illegal to dispense smokable marijuana and requiring a pharmacist at dispensaries. Oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana during a vote on State Question 788 June 26.

"I expect modifications could occur in the future. I know some citizens are not pleased with these actions. But I encourage everyone to approach this effort in a constructive fashion in order to honor the will of the citizens of Oklahoma who want a balanced and responsible medical marijuana law." Fallin said.

Members of the cannabis industry have expressed opposition to the amendments made by the Oklahoma State Board of Health.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is required to begin accepting applications on July 26.

“Dealing with medical marijuana is unchartered territory for our state, and there are many opinions, including divisive views even among SQ 788 backers, on how this should be implemented." Fallin said.

The cannabis trade group New Health Solutions Oklahoma said the move contradicts the will of voters. NHSO Political Director Jed Green says that the program is now "beholden to the special interest groups that fought State Question 788".

"The people making policy now are the same people who ran a million dollar smear campaign aimed at convincing Oklahomans that smoking medical cannabis would lead to the collapse of society," Green said.

Following the board's decision on Tuesday, members of the staff who worked on the draft rules received threats.

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