Get Pink: Southeast High School teacher inspiring students while fighting cancer

Elizabeth Kim Brooks, Inspiring Students While Fighting Cancer

She's a teacher at Southeast High School that wants to make a difference.

Ask any of her students, past or present, and they will tell you that Elizabeth Kim Brooks is more than just a teacher, she's an inspiration.

Brooks was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and decided she would not let her students down when it comes to getting an education. Her "Spartan" attitude makes her a champion in the fight against the disease but also shows that a caring teacher can make a difference in the life of a student.

While receiving chemotherapy, Mrs. Brooks would still come to school and teach. Matter of fact, she would take phone calls from students with homework questions while she was receiving that treatment. Her fellow teachers jumped in to help her with not only responsibilities at work, but doing chores at her house and sometimes going above and beyond what was needed.

Today, Brooks has beat cancer with the last of her 30 treatments. The day after her last chemo treatment, she jumped on a plane to head to St. Louis to be with her children. One of which is doing residency as a doctor.

Elizabeth Kim Brooks — an inspirational teacher

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