Gathering Place named best new attraction in America

Gathering Place named best new attraction in America

There's no place the Denney family would rather be than Tulsa's Gathering Place, even on a gloomy Friday morning.

It's a place for Anna's "three under three" -- Gabriel, Michael, and little Jemma.

"We come every week, multiple times during the week," said Anna. "It's just wonderful coming to a place where you know your kids are OK."

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Tulsa already knows this park is spectacular, and now, that's no longer just a Tulsa opinion.

"I am proud to announce that your Gathering Place was awarded the number one new attraction in America," said Tony Moore, Executive Park Director.

It's receiving national recognition by USA Today. Voters across the country chose the Gathering Place.

It beat out 19 other big-city attractions from all over the country.

"I love it, because it's a community-wide accomplishment," said Mayor GT Bynum. "I think it reflects the love that people have already built up for this place, and it shows what we can accomplish and who we can compete with."

"It is a big deal," said Denney. "I think it's well deserved."

Everything we've been enjoying for the last four months is only phase one.

"We have phase two coming online that will have a children's museum in it," said Bynum. "We haven't even started building the low water dam in the Arkansas River that's going to create a lake."

It's brought smiles to faces across the country already, and the mayor says it's this kind of recognition that's going to bring even more people to Tulsa.

"It's a beautiful place even in the winter time, but I can't wait to see what it's like in the spring time when everything blooms," said Bynum.

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