Furniture store closes, customers say they never got orders they paid for

Sign on the door of Home Outlet Furniture on Reno in Oklahoma City reads "closed until further notice." (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

Several customers have contacted FOX 25 with complaints about a furniture store on Reno in Oklahoma City. The Better Business Bureau says it's had dozens of recent complaints on the business too.

Monday, the doors were locked at Home Outlet Furniture with a handwritten note reading "closed until further notice."

"It's just been a nightmare. I've never had this issue before. I've ordered things through them before and never had a problem with it and now all of a sudden, it's a problem," said customer Joni Hankins.

She showed us a receipt for a $600 bed she ordered. She brought it to the store to inquire again about when she'd receive it, but found the store was closed.

Another customer, Gwendolyn Randle, said she has spent more than $2,000 on layaway. She said she had paid it off months ago but the order was never fulfilled.

"It’s frustrating. It's heartbreaking because I trusted these people to treat me like a customer," she said.

Randle said she spent hours waiting outside the doors all weekend, hoping she'd catch someone going in or out.

FOX 25 made many attempts at contacting the business, but was unsuccessful.

"What's unfortunate," said Kitt Letcher the president and CEO of BBB Central Oklahoma, “is that we do have a record of complaints with this particular business."

Letcher said most of the complaints have come in the last few days, after customers reported the business closed.

"If you're making a large purchase, do your homework ahead of time. Know who you're dealing with. Also, make sure you're using a credit card because you can work with your credit card company," Letcher said.

If the business has already closed, the BBB says:

  • Try sending a letter because their mail may still be forwarded.
  • Ask neighboring businesses if they have any information.
  • If you have merchandise in the store, contact the landlord to see if you can be given access to the company's facility.
  • Make a police report as a last resort.

Many of Home Outlet Furniture's customers said they have already taken these steps.

"We're not greedy people we just want what we're owed," said Willow Gravitt. "I just hope that the guy realizes how much he's impacted people, and I hope he learns from it."

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