Frontier Airlines suspends pilot following threat over transgender Oklahoma student

Scammers can claim to be computer techs and trick you into giving them remote access to your computer. (FILE)

An airline has suspended a pilot pending an investigation into a threatening social media post.

Frontier Airlines announced the suspension of one of its pilots. Authorities are probing the individual's role in an online comment centered around which bathroom a 12-year-old transgender girl should use at a middle school in Achille.

The threatening comment forced the school to shut down for two days.

Frontier released a statement saying:

“Frontier Airlines prides itself on setting an example as a respectful workplace and we do not condone discrimination. We have long-established standards of conduct, to which all employees must agree to adhere, that among other things require people to act in a professional manner and to treat each other with genuine respect and kindness. This individual was suspended on August 13th, after Frontier learned of the situation, pending an investigation.”

The original comment has since been taken down and the school has reopened.

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