FOX 25 tests Guthrie's drinking water, after complaints of odor and bad taste

Erika Combs says the water in Guthrie is making her family sick. Fox 25 News took samples from her faucet on Wednesday August 31, 2016 to be taken for testing. (KOKH)

Frustrations among Guthrie residents over the drinking water. Many say it smells bad, tastes bad, and in some cases, is making people sick.

Erika Combs says she can't even do laundry, wash the dishes, or hydrate her children with the tap water.

"The smell was just unbelievable, I thought what is that smell?" Combs said, "It didn't matter if you were making coffee, it didn't matter if you were making soup it was horrible."

The City of Guthrie says the water is safe.

In a statement they say:

"The water is safe to use for all daily activities and is not toxic or harmful for consumption."

But for Erika,she says it's making her family sick.

"My kids they drank the water, my daughter she started getting diarrhea, the pets had started throwing up."

She says, she can't even shower, because the water has been irritating her scalp.

"It would bleed or it would just feel raw and tender to the touch."

The city says the taste, color, and odor is a result of lake turnover at Lake Guthrie. The lake turnover produced high levels of manganese. Lake Guthrie is Guthrie's primary source for water.

In the meantime, residents have been left footing the bill for bottled water. On top of that, Erika says she's shelled out more than 90 dollars for last month's water bill, a month's worth of water she has not been able to use.

"They're not providing anybody with water that they can use, but they're still expecting us to pay the bill, the water bill, for water we can't use," Combs says.

So FOX 25 collected samples straight from Erika's faucet and went to a local lab to see what really is in the drinking water.

The results should be out in a few days.

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