Four face charges in alleged theft, drug operation


    OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office has presented charges to the district attorney involving four people they said they believe are involved in a massive criminal operation.

    According to an affidavit of probable cause given to Fox 25, the sheriff's office presented charges against the owner of Aumann Acres, Troy Aumann, his wife, Wendy, his son, Michael and a friend, who also lives on the property, Randall Templett.

    Police charged both Templett and Michael Aumann earlier this month, after police served a warrant on the property on Jan. 8.

    "We were contacted by the Pottawatomie Sheriff's Office to assist them and Lincoln County in a search warrant at the Red Barn," said Sgt. Paul Harmon, criminal investigator with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

    During the search, police said they found stolen furniture and equipment, drugs and an emaciated horse and bobcat.

    "We attempted to call owner to have him come to scene without having to go through doors. He refused to come to the scene. He stated he knew if he came to scene we would arrest him," said Harmon.

    According to an affidavit of probable cause, investigators said Troy Aumann faces 22 counts, including animal cruelty, receiving stolen property and conspiracy.

    The affidavit states his wife faces nine counts, including receiving stolen property and cultivation.

    The affidavit states Aumann's son Michael faces four counts, including cultivation and conspiracy, and Templett faces 49 counts, including receiving stolen property, identity theft, receiving taken credit or debit cards, receiving stolen property and possession of meth.

    Investigators said they believe the four were working together to sell drugs or trade them for stolen items. Harmon said he believes they may have been stealing some of the items themselves.

    Harmon said during the search warrant they found 11 guns, one which was stolen, stolen tractors and furniture, computers and drugs.

    "When we started the investigation, prior to the search warrant, we did a background check on Troy Aumann and found that he was a convicted felon out of Illinois. At that point, he wasn’t allowed to have any firearms. We recovered 11 firearms all together, one being stolen," said Harmon.

    According to the probable cause for Templett, officers found 34 drivers licenses or identification cards not belonging to Templett inside his living quarters. The affidavit states officers found 16 Social Security cards and multiple bank cards with magnetic stripes on them.

    Harmon said investigators believe they were used to make fraudulent charges.

    During the search warrant, officers found an emaciated horse on the property.

    "That horse was in extremely bad pain. It was in bad condition. It had to be euthanized on site because it couldn’t walk to the trailer. It had open sores, legs and knees swollen. The worst I’ve ever seen," said Harmon.

    Harmon said the district attorney will review the charges presented from the findings in the affidavits of probable cause.

    None of the defendants have been arrested on the new charges.

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