Former McLoud officer arrested after being accused of sex crimes

Justin Michael Rahlf, 35, faces complaints of forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure in Potawatomie County. (Pottawatomie County Detention Center)

A former McLoud Police Department officer has been arrested after being accused of sex crimes.

Court records from Pottawatomie County show that former McLoud Police Department officer Justin Michael Rahlf, 35, has been arrested on complaints of forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure.

In June, investigators were contacted by a woman who stated she first made contact with Rahlf at the lake while she was there for a birthday party. The woman said she was attempting to use the restroom, but that the bathroom didn't have toilet paper. That's when Rahlf drove by in a police vehicle.

The woman stated she flagged him down to tell him that the restroom didn't have toilet paper, believing him to be a lake ranger. Rahlf told the woman to hop into his vehicle and he would take her to get toilet paper.

After retrieving toilet paper, Rahlf reportedly began driving the woman down side roads around the lake. He then began stating that he was driving her down roads that were only accessible by trucks. They then stopped in a remote area and Rahlf got out to urinate.

When he got back into the vehicle he began reportedly touching the woman's thigh before eventually touching her vagina. The woman told him "no" and Rahlf then allegedly asked her to give him a blowjob. The woman told authorities she performed the sex act because she "did not know what he would do to her if she refused him". The woman stated she was "really scared" during the act and barefoot, so she could not get out of the truck.

After the act, Rahlf dropped the woman off and left. Rahlf was interviewed by authorities at the time and said he was in the area checking on people but didn't know anything about giving the woman a ride.

In September, police began taking reports from several different women regarding Rahlf. Each incident involved Rahlf using a restroom or urinating at some point and exposing his genitals to the women.

On Sept. 21, Rahlf resigned from his position. The charges were filed against him on Oct. 16 and he was taken into custody.

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