Former governor refutes endorsement on Caudill mailers

A mailer sent by Carolynn Caudill's campaign for re-election. (KOKH)

Former Governor Frank Keating says he is not endorsing Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill for re-election despite campaign mailers that say so.

FOX 25 spoke with Keating Friday who confirmed that he would not be supporting Caudill for re-election. Caudill campaign mailers sent out ahead of the June 28 primary show an endorsement from Keating alongside his photo.

Keating told FOX 25 that he has supported Caudill in past elections but told her earlier this year he would state neutral because of his close friendship with Caudill's opponent for County Clerk David Hooten.

"It's not right," Hooten told Fox 25, "If that's the person in charge of keeping all of our public records for land ownership, my gosh she can't even keep her campaign straight."

Hooten is a world-renowned musician and has composed musical numbers for some of the music world's biggest stars. He also writes commercial and campaign jingles. He wrote a jingle for Keating's campaign when his friend ran for governor more than two decades ago.

Keating told FOX 25 he was very disappointed Caudill chose to send out false information.

FOX 25 contacted Caudill's campaign Friday morning and her campaign adviser told us he was surprised when we asked about the false information. By Friday afternoon the campaign manager told us we would have to contact Caudill directly to get a statement.

FOX 25 stopped by Caudill's office at 1:30 p.m. Friday and were told she had left for the day.

We called, texted, emailed and sent a message via Facebook, but as of the time of publishing this story had not heard anything from Caudill or her campaign.

In 2013, Caudill was arrested for driving under the influence. She is seeking her sixth term as Oklahoma County Clerk.

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