First 'crisis nursery' in the works for the metro

Program directors discuss plans with partners (KOKH David Young).

A group in Oklahoma is hoping to fill a need by creating the state's first crisis nursery. They're now asking for donations.

The organizers say most of the details about this new program are ironed out, however they're still trying to secure a building.

A ‘for sale’ sign still stands in front of the newly remodeled house that OkCity Crisis Nursery says would be a perfect space for them.

The group is hoping to get help securing this spot so they take care of what they say is a huge need right here in the metro.

Open twenty-four hours a day, a crisis center would provide a safe place for kids when their parents are going through stressful situations, crisis, or temporary emergencies.

It would be the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

"This is helping stop abuse.” Jennifer Roberts, the founder said, “We have a lot of great organizations that help after the fact, a lot of needs are being met with a lot of great organizations but we wanted to take it a step further and fill a gap that needs to be filled."

In Oklahoma City, the organizers are also partnering with Angels Foster Family Network, which means kids who are just entering the foster care system won't have to wait for a family at the D.H.S. facility. Instead, they can feel at home in a nice place.

Jennifer Abney, the Founder of Angels Foster Family Network told Fox 25, “Unfortunately, so many families today are dual income families and they have to work the next day. They have meetings, they have things that they can't get out of, and a kid like that really needs a loving, warm, comfortable place to go."

They said the program would not only be for kids in and out of foster care. It could also help parents who just need a little support.

"If they have a job interview and they don't have childcare set up, we are working with some great organizations to help fill that need as well," Roberts said.

Learn more about the OKCity Crisis Nursery and donate here.

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