Firefighters: Close your bedroom door when you sleep

    (FILE/David Wheaton/KOKH)

    New research is emphasizing the importance of sleeping with your bedroom door closed.

    Firefighters said a closed door can serve as a barrier between the fire and you, and earn you some much needed time to get out.

    According to Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, "Today, you don't have as much time to escape a fire as you did, as you did forty, fifty years ago."

    He added that shorter time frame is due to several factors. One of them, being synthetic materials inside your house.

    "They would use heavier duty furniture, often with real heavy wood, they would use natural fibers such as wool and cotton, even feather down and while those things are flammable, they will burn, they won't burn as quickly and as hot as modern materials do."

    Studies from the Underwriter's Laboratories, a firefighter research group shows, in the event of a fire, a closed door can make a 900-degree difference from one room to the next.

    "It shows. very distinctly between a room that had a door closed and a room that did not," Fulkerson said.

    See more of the U.L. study here.

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