Fire damaged home reminds neighbors of triple homicide

    Fire damaged home reminds neighbors of triple homicide (KTUL)

    Neighbors are ready for healing after a deadly fire left a charred house in their neighborhood. Back in October, investigators found the bodies of Hosea Fletcher, Ramon Brown and Brown’s 7-year-old daughter inside the charred house.

    Shameka Glover says the site of the tragedy is too much for neighbors to see everyday.

    “I’ve never forgotten about what has happened. I wanted to see if the house had been torn down, maybe two days ago. I drove past, and it was still here, and again, my spirit was like, ‘What are we going to do about it?'” said Glover.

    Dwain Midget, of the City of Tulsa’s Working in Neighborhoods program, says the city is trying to help the family apply for a grant that would cover the cost of demolition.

    “One of my main objectives was not to put another hardship on the family, particularly a monetary hardship on the family and then they lose the property. That’s not right. I didn’t feel that was right,” said Midget, who stated demolition would cost about $5,000. He said the city would typically place a lien on a property to cover the cost. In this case, his staff is trying to work with the grieving family.

    The grant process takes about a month.

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