Fight during high school basketball game caught on camera

Cellphone video captures fans, parents and school personnel rush to the court during the fight (Kesha Ball).

Intense moments at a girls’ basketball game were all caught on camera Tuesday at Ponca City High School, in a game against East Central High School in Tulsa. Now school officials are trying to get to the bottom of the brawl, that broke out just moments before the final buzzer.

“I can say that it was two good basketball teams that had a really good game.” Jason Leavitt, the athletic director for Ponca City Schools said, “There's a lot of emotions in athletics and there's no big secret there, but the message is, you always play with class. And win with class, lose with class."

With 1.8 seconds left until the final buzzer, school officials say the fight may have started when a Tulsa player came over to the Ponca City huddle.

Leavitt said that lead to some disagreement, “It just happened so quick and again here we are trying to determine what's right and wrong and how to proceed."

Both Ponca City, and East Central high schools continue to investigate.

The findings will be sent to the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA), who will decide a course of action.

Ponca City ended up winning the game 62-60.

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