Feed the Children handed out 120,000 meal boxes for students ahead of walkout

Feed the Children distribute these meal boxes to students at Hillcrest Elementary in Oklahoma City, Friday. They're to be a complete meal. (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

On Friday, as students left school at Hillcrest Elementary in Oklahoma City, they weren't sure when they'd be back. Classes are canceled Monday, and could be canceled for many more days because of the teacher walkout.

At Hillcrest, as each student walked out the door, they were handed a meal box.

"We're here to help provide meals," Kevin Richardson, from Feed the Children said. "To make sure they have food during the teacher walkout next week."

Feed the Children handed out boxes personally at the campus, but Richardson said they also distributed about 120,000 boxes for students across Oklahoma.

"When school's not in session, that means there are going to be children who go hungry," Richardson said.

Hillcrest principal Shelley Deas said students were excited to learn they'd get the treat after school.

"Today when I went around to the classrooms and told the students they would all be getting a box of food, they were so excited, they cheered, they screamed," she said.

The boxes are meant for students to eat Monday, or over the weekend if they get hungry.

OKCPS will also distribute food via school buses during lunchtime every day school is out.

"We're just taking it a day at a time," Deas said.

Deas said the walkout is meant to make sure students have what they need.

"Everyone's talking about teacher pay raise, and it is about teacher pay raise, but it's also about funding education. It's about funding textbooks, funding people in our classroom, our support staff, supplies. We have to buy light bulbs and copy paper, and toilet paper," she said.

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