FBI searching Ponca City home for hazardous materials

Police and the FBI search a home June 30 in Ponca City. (KOKH/Julie Calhoun)

The FBI and a hazardous materials team searched a Ponca City home Friday.

Special Agent Jessi Rice tells FOX 25 they searched a home June 30 in the 2900 block of E. Hartford. The Joint Terrorism Task Force assisted in the search in case the home contained hazardous materials.

"When we have a potential haz-mat scene that falls under the jurisdiction of the Joint Terrorism Task Force," Rice said.

Children were at the home at the time the warrant was served, they are now in the custody of family members. Several people have been questioned in the case but no arrests have been made.

"Rest assured that even though you see all the agents suited up there is no safety concern to neighbors," Rice said.

The search of the home continued throughout the day.

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