FBI looks to fill hundreds of positions

The FBI is looking to fill 800 positions in their Oklahoma City location (KOKH/Mckenna Eubank).

If you ever had childhood dreams of being an agent with the FBI, this will be good news for you.

The FBI says they’re anticipating a number of current agents to retire in the next couple of years, and they're looking to fill those spots. If you've ever thought about being an investigator, it might be easier than you think.

According to recruiter and Special Agent Jessi Rice they need 16,000 applicants to fill those 800 positions, and they're reaching out to all Oklahomans to fill the gap.

"What we are trying to do is reach out to communities that don't traditionally think about a career in law enforcement, let alone the FBI," Rice said.

She says the bureau is hoping to attract mostly women and minority groups. They said, "threats have become increasingly global", so they're hoping to have a better understanding of minority cultures and languages by hiring more agents who come from those diverse cultures that the FBI serves.

They're looking for candidates with basic qualifications. A bachelor’s degree and three years of professional experience in any professional field.

"A lot of people think you have to have a law enforcement or military background, that's not true. at all," Rice said.

Applicants who have been convicted of a felony will not be accepted. Interested candidates should apply to be accepted for the diversity agent recruitment event also called “DAR,” which will take place August 16.

"We want to host an information session to invite any qualified applicants in, to come see what it's like to apply to the FBI,” Rice said. “How you even do it, what it's like to be an agent and give them access to be able to talk to agents and ask questions".

As for a job description, an agent will be highly trained and could be expected to do anything from speaking foreign languages to interviewing a human trafficking victim to reading computer code to stop hackers, and everything in between.

The application can be found here: Search “DAR”, and a link will pop up that will direct you in applying.

The deadline to apply for the event is August 10.

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