Family, friends of triple homicide victims pleads for community to help solve crime


OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) - Family and friends of an Oklahoma City man who police said was killed in a triple homicide are asking members of the community to come forward with information about the slayings.

The gruesome discovery was made Monday at a home near Northeast 10th and Bryant.

"On Monday, Jan. 7, Elijah Mothershed, Carnesha Powell and her 15-year-old daughter, Roshawna Stevens, were found dead at about 12:30 a.m.," said Rep. Jason Lowe, of House District 97.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said they have yet to determine a motive and have not arrested any suspects.

"It takes community to solve this for this family. The family's plea needs to be heard and police need your help," said Citty.

Family and friends of Mothershed gathered together Wednesday to reflect on his life and his mission to help others.

"My son's mission in life was to uplift poor people and his family and community. He was one of most loving people that I know," said Mothershed's mother, Evelyn Abdullah.

"When I thought about Elijah, I thought of a gladiator for justice and peace because whatever he did was to make our community a better community," said Christine Byrd, New Life Baptist Church pastor.

Lowe said Mothershed was an entrepreneur who opened his own medical marijuana dispensary. He said helped troubled young men.

"Elijah believed in rehabilitation for nonviolent offenders. He put beliefs in action through tireless service," said Lowe.

"He went to court hearings for young men to turn their lives around. He went to sleepovers at churches to teach men how to dress or apply for job. How to tie a tie. How to eat at a restaurant. He wanted everybody to share in the economic growth," said Abdullah.

His mother said Wednesday she's still in shock by her son's death.

"I am so proud. It was never about money for Elijah. It was about what he could do for this community no matter what color that he would mentor," said Abdullah.

"We lost a piece of us. Today our hearts are broken," said Byrd.

Officials are stressing that information from the community is vital.

"He has touched more people than even we would probably know and it's important for us to be his voice right now because he needs us in his community more now than ever," said Oklahoma City Councilwoman, Nikki Nice.

"The violence must stop. If we are to be a city of greatness, if we are to be a people of greatness, if we are to be a family, the violence must stop. It begins with each and every one of us," said Byrd.

"When you have a man trying to make a difference in community, we must seek answers to find out what happened and bring whoever it was, who thought it was OK to take lives, to justice," said Nice.

Authorities said if you have information about the crime, you're asked to call Oklahoma City police immediately at (405)-235-7300.

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