Family of man killed by bail bondsman to seek civil case

Chasity Carey's mug shot from her arrested for first degree murder in Payne County. A jury acquitted Carey of the charge. (Stillwater Police Department)

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) - The family of Brandon Williams, the man killed by his bail bondsmen in Stillwater last year, is planning to sue the bondsman in a civil case.

The Williams family hired attorney Noble McIntyre on Tuesday.

McIntyre told KOKH the family wants justice, even if there is no money to collect in this case.

"The next logical question would be... why would the family put themselves through a civil case to relive all of this if there's no eventual money for the child who now no longer has a father?" McIntyre said. "And the answer is this simple, they don't want this to happen to somebody else's family member. Yes, there's a place in society for bail bondsmen and for people helping people out in that way, but if you're going to go into that line of business, you've got to be smarter and you can't do things that will ultimately lead to the death of people needlessly."

Video released to the media Tuesday shows the shooting. You can see the bondsman Chasity Carey go to a drawer to retrieve a gun. She fires a shot on Williams who is out of the frame.

The jury watched the video during the trial. On Friday, the jury found Carey not guilty of murder.

"For anybody who's seen the video, it's probably pretty hard to figure out how that finding came down. You just can't watch that video and think that they would have come to any other conclusion than guilty,” McIntyre said.

He says the video will play a large role in the civil trial.

Carey’s attorney, Jarrod Stevenson, says it’s interesting the Williams family is pursuing a civil case.

"No member of the family, every one single time, had any part to do with this case and they sure didn't show up to trial,” Stevenson said.

He said the jury made the right call deciding that Carey did not commit murder.

"She, from day one, did what an innocent person would do. After she takes the shot, she calls 911, she waives all of her rights, gives them the phone, gives them the gun, the GoPro,” he said.

He said it’s possible a jury could have returned a guilty verdict had Carey been charged with a lesser crime.

Tuesday, the Payne County District Attorney said she stands by her decision to charge Carey with Murder I.

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