Family mourns Asher reserve police officer: 'He made a big impact on everyone he met'

23-year-old Jarate Asher was killed in a car accident Tuesday night. (Tiffany Bulin)

The law enforcement community is grieving the loss of Asher reserve police officer Jarate Condit.

The 23-year-old was killed after he lost control of his patrol car on U.S. 177 Tuesday night. The car went off the road and into an embankment before it burst into flames.

Condit worked a full-time job, but also volunteered as a reserve police officer and firefighter for the town of Asher.

“If we needed anything, he was always the first person to call,” said Tiffany Nicole Bulin, Condit’s fiancé.

Bulin says Condit was so excited to be a police officer, he accidentally fell asleep in his tactical boots the first night he got them.

“He was very proud of uniform,” Bulin said.

Condit was on his way to a police academy training class in Shawnee when his car crashed, a few miles north of Asher. The accident is still under investigation.

“Anytime I would leave the house and he didn’t go with me, he’d text me, ‘Seat belt, speed limits, stop at stop signs all the way,’” said Bulin. “He was always worried about me getting into an accident. So hearing about him being in a car accident, and that’s how he passed away, it was heartbreaking.”

The morning of the accident, Condit had asked Bulin to marry him.

“We were going to wait till Valentine’s Day to tell everyone, tell his family,” she said.

They were planning on moving into a new house this Sunday and starting their life together, but Bulin’s happily-ever-after turned into a nightmare.

“I just couldn’t sleep,” Bulin said. “I kept waking up, hoping he’d be there, and that he was just coming home late.”

Now, she’s forced to envision a future without him. Bulin was working to become an EMT, but she recently quit school. Condit made her promise she’d start again in the fall.

“I’m going to honor his promise,” she said.

Bulin hopes to become the kind of first responder Condit was to continue his legacy of helping others.

At 10 a.m. Thursday morning, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma City police, and Edmond police plan to join Asher police in escorting Condit’s body from Oklahoma City to the Resthaven Funeral Home in Shawnee.

The family is still working with the Asher Police Department on funeral arrangements, but would love to the community to attend the service. They are overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of support they’ve already received.

Bulin especially wanted to thank the people who ran to help Condit after the crash, and pulled him from his burning car. She hopes to meet them one day to tell them thank you in person.

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