Family, friends say goodbye to Cherokee County man murdered, set on fire

    Family, friends say goodbye to Cherokee Co. man murdered, set on fire (KTUL)

    CHEROKEE Co., Okla. (KTUL) -- Family and friends said their goodbyes to a man brutally murdered just ten days ago.

    The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office says Elvis Dry’s caretaker killed him and set his body on fire.

    “You couldn’t meet a nicer person,” Dry’s oldest brother Robert said. That’s the consensus among the friends and family Dry left behind.

    Robert says he was gentleman through and through.

    “Mom and Dad always taught us to respect people and always help people out," he said.

    Dry was a funny guy, especially to his nephew, Darrell.

    “He always had a comeback,” Darrell said. Which is why, nearly two weeks since his death, his family can’t answer the one question they have -- why?

    “We want to know why,” Darrell said.

    Days after the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office found Dry’s body, they arrested his caretaker, Denise Grass, for the brutal crime.

    “I don’t know what to say really; it was just uncalled for,” Robert said.

    Robert says Dry lost his legs several years ago because of diabetes.

    He says Grass started taking care of Dry last summer, helping him do things he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

    “[It was] unexpected, because it just seemed like he was being taken care of very good,” Robert said.

    Dry’s body was found in the backyard of his house. His body was burned, on the ground and his wheelchair was a few feet away.

    “We never know what a person is like really,” Robert said.

    Deputies are still looking for a motive. Officers do say Grass told her cousin she killed Dry.

    “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would happen to him,” Darrell said.

    The family, understandably heartbroken, is turning to faith to get through this difficult time.

    “We just have to go on that as Christians and let the laws of our land dictate what will happen to her next,” Darrell said.

    Grass will stay in jail. She is charged with first-degree murder and desecration of a corpse.

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