Family and friends of missing Miami man may finally have some closure

    Family and friends of missing Miami man may finally have some closure; Mark Rogers

    MIAMI, Okla. (KTUL) -- The Mayes County Sheriff's Office believe they may have found 61-year-old Mark Rogers's body outside of Langley Wednesday night.

    It was an emotional day for Rogers's family and friends.

    Rogers has been missing since the day after Christmas when he left a mental health center, but his family and friends want him to be remembered for the impact he made in Miami.

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    "Somebody we really loved is gone," said Melinda Stotts, Rogers's close friend. "There's no one here in Miami that met him and didn't like him. He was kinda that guy everybody liked."

    Stotts worked with Rogers at the Miami News Record.

    Rogers worked at that paper for almost three decades.

    "He was always there if something was going on in my life. He would come over and check on me and give me a hug," said Stotts.

    Stotts said the weeks before he went missing, Rogers just wasn't himself.

    "When you care for someone so much you want to help them and make sure they're OK, and we've all been racking our brains on where he could be or where he could've gone," said Stotts.

    Stotts said there's now a hole in the heart of the small community he left behind.

    "There's so many great memories of Mark. People say there's closure today. There's no closure when you lose such a sweet person like Mark," said Stotts.

    Deputies are waiting for the medical examiner's office to confirm the body found is Rogers with dental records and DNA.

    This is a developing story.

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