Expert says you should be "situationally aware" in case of emergencies like Las Vegas

    What would you do if you were caught in an active shooter situation like Sunday night's shooting in Las Vegas?

    FOX 25 talked with a former Navy Seal who now works to train people and police in serious situations. Dustin Merritt calls it being "situationally aware."

    He says the first thing to do when you go anywhere is to take note of your surroundings. When you head inside, look at where exits are located and for places you could go to take cover. Whether you are at an event or restaurant take note of the people around you.

    Merritt said taking steps before something bad happens, will allow you to react immediately.

    "Any action is going to be better than no action. Any action, just moving out of the way, is better than just standing there," he said. "Unfortunately that happens. People will freeze in those stressful environments and they won't move, they won't react."

    He said you and your group always need to plan a primary and secondary meeting place, so you can regroup if you separate and know everyone is okay or if someone hasn't arrived, they may have been hurt.

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