Exclusive: Security guard speaks out after near-death fight at east Tulsa apartment

    Photo of security guard Benjamin Terrerro in uniform

    TULSA, Okla., (KTUL) -- An east Tulsa security guard was nearly killed while off duty. A man pulled a trigger, but the gun jammed.

    Benjamin Terrero is not your average security guard.

    We’ve showcased before his incredible selfless takedowns of criminals at the apartments he patrols, but last night caught him off guard.

    Still, it won’t stop him from doing what he loves.

    “He pulled the slide, and he pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger," said Terrero.

    Besides some cuts and a busted lip, Terrero is doing fine just hours after staring into the barrel of a gun.

    “And I see this man, this mad man running after me," said Terrero.

    Gary Morrison pulled the trigger that ultimately jammed.

    He and Terrero were fighting outside the Garden Courtyards Apartments at 41st and Garnett.

    ”The one thing that came into my mind was 'Jesus Almighty, I am coming home to you,' but when the gun jammed, I knew I needed to fight for my life," said Terrero.

    It was a fight Terrero never saw coming.

    You see, his job is to watch out for alleged criminals. We interviewed the security guard in 2017 and followed him on his patrols of apartments across east Tulsa.

    Most of the time, he was running and shouting at would-be criminals to leave, detaining some until Tulsa police arrived, but last night, he was off duty.

    “I had just got out of the gym; I came to the apartment complex to pick up a key," said Terrero.

    He says Morrison recognized him from a past encounter and became aggressive. When Terrero tried to calm him down, Morrison pulled out the gun.

    “I could hear the click sound, and I know because I shoot guns all the time," said Terrero.

    Luckily, Terrero was able to get away and call police. His bulletproof vest, body camera, and gun were at home.

    “I was not expecting this incident to occur," said Terrero.

    By all accounts, Terrero shouldn’t be alive, but he says it won't stop him from going out night after night.

    “I believe God has a purpose for me, and I will continue what I do , and if it’s God’s will, it’s Gods will," said Terrero.

    Terrero wants to thank Tulsa police for responding and finally taking Morrison into custody after a lengthy standoff.

    And amazingly, Terrero also says he forgives Morrison.

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