Employees duct-taped during cell phone store robbery

Bold and dangerous robbers hold up a local cell phone store, forcing one employee to bind the rest of the employees with duct tape.

Images released by police from cameras inside captured the entire robbery. Police say it's fortunate no one was hurt, especially the two children who were inside at the time.

It all happened at the Assist Wireless store in the 1600 block of Ne 23rd St. Tuesday night. People in the area say the store was closed for a day. Police say it was because two masked men robbed the store at gunpoint. On Thursday the store had reopened.

"When we came the day after you know it was just nobody down there." said Andy Brown, who sells music just two doors down, "We were wondering why we were seeing a lot of customers going in and didn't know why the building was closed. But we found out today when ya'll asked us and it kind of blew our minds."

According to a police report there were six victims. Four victims were employees and two were under seven years old, the children of one of the employees.

"One of the victims was forced by gunpoint to duct tape the other victims to prevent them from leaving." said OKCPD public information officer Sgt. Ashley Peters. "it's difficult to see his face but you can see at least a physical description of his overall statue. "

The robbers had their faces covered with black mesh masks, but police are hopeful someone will still recognize him.

Police say the robbers got away with at least a dozen celphones. The store estimates the loss to be at least $4,000.

If you recognize the suspects call the police.

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