Emergency officials prepare for the potential of a large earthquake to hit Oklahoma

Emergency officials prepare for the potential of a large earthquake to hit Oklahoma

Emergency Management officials are preparing for the very real possibility that a large scale earthquake could happen in Oklahoma.

Every time another earthquake rattles Oklahoma, experts warn an even bigger one could be next.

"We are at an elevated risk for a damaging earthquake. Our risk is lower than it was in 2014 and 2015 and even 2016, but the risk still very much exists," Matt Skinner, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission said to FOX 25 in a previous interview.

Oklahoma County Emergency Management Director David Barnes mirrored that statement.

"It does appear that things are lining up to have a large scale event," he said.

With a devastating earthquake killing hundreds in Mexico City, it's a good time to remind Oklahomans to also prepare for the worst. Barnes says everyone needs to have a plan in place, and in that plan, prepare to be on your own without the help of first-responders for at least 72 hours. That means you'll need plenty of food, water, batteries, and necessities.

You also will need a safety plan. In an earthquake experts say you need to move away from anything that could fall on top of you, as quickly as possible. Do not plan for a lengthy exit, because chances are you will not have time. Hide under a sturdy table if possible.

"The basic rule is stop drop and hold on," said Barnes.

Oklahoma County Emergency management is prepared with what's called an "All Hazards Approach." That means it's a plan that can be applied to earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods.

"If a building is knocked over by a tornado the rescue and recovery efforts are not that much different than if they were to fall down from an earthquake scenario so that's why the all hazard approach works," said Barnes.

In 2016, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck near Pawnee, Oklahoma. Then in November a 5.0 was recorded near Cushing.

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