Edmond Schools bond includes new security measures

New security measures would be added to Edmond schools if next week's bond issue passes. (Edmond Public Schools)

Edmond Public Schools superintendent Bret Towne said this is an important time to think about security.

That's why the district's bond issue includes shatter-resistant film for windows, new security cameras and ID badges for students at secondary schools.

"All you can do is take all the opportunities that you can to try to slow people down if they're wanting to harm," Towne said. "To delay them, to keep them out of the building."

Towne said the district put together this plan after a community meeting.

The shatter-resistant film would be put on windows at all of the district's schools.

"A lot of schools are starting to use it," Towne said. "I know there's a couple of metro-area schools that are starting to implement it on a smaller basis. This will be district-wide."

He said this would take a shooter much longer to get into the school through the windows. He said it could take as long as two and a half minutes to get in through the film.

"In two a half minutes, people are out of areas," Towne said. "They're locked down, they're out of the school and law enforcement is here."

Towne said these security improvements make the most sense for the district.

"Hopefully this is one they don't even see or notice that it's there," Towne said. "That's what you want in security. You want something that works but is not intrusive."

The district hopes all the measures together, makes schools much safer.

"I think it's just intuitive that we want to provide that safe cocoon of a building where kids don't have to worry about safety," Towne said.

Another safety measure is making entrances lock automatically. That would add a buzz-in system for visitors.

The total amount of the bond is $93 million. Voters will decide on it next Tuesday.

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