Edmond family reunited with dog after more than 3 years

An Edmond's family dog is back home after it was found with a microchip at an animal shelter in McAlester. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

The black lab adopted in 2010 became close to the Jardine family. Pistol Pete had just been getting used to his new family when they lost him in April 2014.

"When he went away and when he disappeared, we were just really sad and it's like losing a family member," owner Mark Jardine said.

It was a hard day when they lost him from their Muskogee home.

"The boys were out there and the next thing we know he was not anywhere around," Jardine said. "So we began to look for him. Pete is not a barker. He doesn't bark at anything."

For more than three years, the Jardines had not found or heard anything on Pistol Pete. They had just about given up home of finding him, until a call came from the Pittsburg County Animal Shelter in McAlester last week.

"I called them back and they said they had my dog and it was almost disbelief because it'd been 3 years and 7 months," Jardine said. "We kept his collar and everything and hoped. That's a long, long time. But as soon as I heard, I got excited."

The key was a microchip the family had put inside Pistol Pete to track him. Once the animal shelter found the microchip, they were able to look up the owner.

"It was probably the best $35 we've spent was for that microchip," Jardine said. "Way back seven years ago."

The family had adopted another black lab after losing Pistol Pete, but Elizabeth Jardine said finding him means a lot.

"He's a 60 pound lap dog," Elizabeth Jardine said. "My kids' pets were their companions and there when they had to shed tears. Good times or bad times or whatever."

It's a reunion to be thankful for.

"One more thing to be thankful for on this day," Mark Jardine said.

The Jardines got the call about Pistol Pete last week and picked him up from the animal shelter last Friday.

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