Easy as pie, McDonald's apple pie made local and healthier

Easy as pie, McDonald's apple pie made local and healthier (KTUL)

It's safe to say many of us have had a McDonald's Apple Pie -- the perfect handheld snack.

Did you know they're made right here in Tulsa?

Bama Companies has been working with McDonald's for over 50 years, and they’re taking a healthier approach to the tasty treat.

"Anything that has the word 'artificial' in front of it or has some name that you can't spell or pronounce that most consumers don't recognize, they won't want to eat it," said Bama Chairman and CEO, Paula Marshall. "We are using less ingredients, but they are natural."

It's an idea McDonald's and Bama have been working on for close to four years.

"We taste-tested the product with hundreds of people," said Marshall. "It's preferred 2:1 over the other product."

It's arguably, America's favorite pastry, and it's a dessert that's come a long way.

"The product has evolved since the 1950s and '60s," said Marshall. "From the fried apple pies, to the first baked apple pies, and now, to the lattice top."

So, what's the difference?

Marshall says there are bigger chunks of apples and the same great taste.

"This product is made fresh at every restaurant, every day," said Marshall.

It's just a new, healthier spin on an American classic.

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