Driving instructors offer tips for icy conditions

Driving instructors offer tips for icy conditions

Being prepared on the road starts before you leave the house. You'll want to pack a bag with things like a phone charger, extra gloves, an ice scraper, and a blanket.

Once you start to drive, you'll want to follow these tips from the experts.

"You are going to want to let off the gas, and let the car slow, but we don't move the wheel quickly," Kevin Rhoads, a driving instructor from OSU-OKC told Fox 25.

He said slow and steady wins the race, but he also advises against stopping too quickly. Instead, let the car coast as much as you can.

"If it's not rolling, you're skidding," He explained.

AAA also has tips about driving in bad conditions.

They say drivers should use the "push-pull-slide" method of steering. Shuffling hands while turning, and never letting your hands cross over one another.

They also say any time temperatures drop below freezing, your stopping distance should double. Drivers should try to focus their vision twenty to thirty seconds ahead, to allow for more reaction time.

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