Dog boarding facility continues cleanup after nearby fire forced evacuation

Two homes were destroyed in a grass fire Jan. 30 in Logan County. (KOKH/Steven Anderson)

The last 24 hours at Pleasant Pooch Training in Edmond have been anything but ordinary.

Except for a few pups, the usually bustling facility was nearly empty Wednesday as staff worked to clean up remnants of ash and burned brush left behind by a fire that ignited on a neighboring property.

"It just started spreading and we had to get all the dogs out as quick as possible,” said owner Kristin Higgs.

The fire started in a home off Waterloo Road near N. Sooner. Oak Cliff Fire Chief Blake Hutsenpiller says high winds sent sparks flying, carrying them to nearby grassy areas and other buildings and cars on the property.

"We had approximately two acres of grass fire that happened and the initial structure and then two outbuildings and multiple vehicles,” Hutsenpiller said.

It took several hours to extinguish the fires. But the time firefighters did, Hutsenpiller says too much damage had been done.

"Unfortunately, there's not a lot left of the initial structure for us to actually have really any idea of what started it,” he said.

Everyone in the home at the time of the fire, including a dog, made it out safely.

Luckily, all of the pups staying at Pleasant Pooch did too. Higgs says if nothing else, the entire experience has been a learning lesson.

"We're going to have a better grab and go, like emergency pack, if we need to get out of here quickly, Higgs said. “And maybe start an on-call list of people that can come and help pick up dogs, if this were to ever happen again; hopefully not.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Hutsenpiller says it serves as a reminder to take extra precautions during days with high winds and cooler temperatures in the forecast; all it takes is the discarding of a cigarette or space heater left unattended to ignite an uncontrollable fire.

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