Deputies arrest man for large stolen property bust in Rogers County

Danny Sligar; Deputies arrest man for large stolen property bust in Rogers County (Courtesy of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office)

OOLOGAH, Okla. (KTUL) -- More than $300,000 worth of stolen property was found in Rogers County.

Deputies arrested a man who they say had it all hidden on his land for years. Now, 15 acres of broken down stolen vehicles have been recovered.

“If I were to take a guess, probably $300,000 of stolen property," said Deputy Kyle Baker.

It was all lying on a piece of land in Rogers County for nearly a decade.

“We’ve located six stolen trailers, four stolen vehicles, two stolen semis along with some drugs and money," said Baker, allegedly stolen by Danny Sligar.

The 61-year-old was arrested by Rogers County deputies.

“We started calling the insurance companies and calling the people these vehicles belonged to and found out they were reported stolen about 10 years ago," said Baker.

Deputy Baker says the arrest was possible thanks to a letter left at a recent burglary scene, which led to the address off South 4060 Road.

Sheriff Scott Walton says based on the amount of items discovered, this could be one of their largest stolen property busts ever.

“Most of the time, you would like to think we’re there because we’re so smart, but a lot of the time, we’re there because they’re so dumb," said Sheriff Walton. “They’re taking things from productive people, literally in this case to do nothing else, then let them sit there and rot."

Walton says, unfortunately, Sligar has not been on their radar before.

“Karma really did catch up with this guy for hiding this stuff for 10 years," said Baker.

The issue now is returning it all.

Sheriff Walton says they are close to making other possible arrests in the case.

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