Decomposing body found inside Oklahoma home where victim's caretaker resides

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A suspicious death investigation is underway after a man was found dead inside the home of his caretakers in the Village section of Oklahoma City.

Police said after serving a search warrant inside the home, they found the deceased, William Little, on his bed. He was covered in bugs and appeared to no longer have eyes.

"Officers entered the residence and picked up the odor of decomposition immediately upon entering," according to an affidavit.

Police said they then spoke with Little's son, who is also a resident at the home and identified himself as the man's caretaker.

According to paperwork, when police asked when was the last time the son saw his father, he admitted it had been "a couple of weeks."

Police said after talking with family members of the deceased, they learned that several of them had attempted to check on Little over the past few months.

According to paperwork, police said family members were told by Little's son that he was sleeping, not feeling well or didn't want to be bothered.

Police said in recent days, Little's son went to dinner with some family members, had a large amount of cash in his possession and offered to pay for dinner.

The family stated it was very unlike Little's son to ever have a large amount of money or to offer to pay for dinner.

Police said after bringing Little's son in for questioning, he admitted it had been a couple of months, at least, since he had seen his father but was unable to provide an exact date.

"Mr. Little said that his reasoning for not checking on him (his father) was that 'He could not see him that way,'" said police.

Police said he then admitted to forging his father's signature on checks made out to himself and cashing the check for himself.

It remains unclear how Little died or when.

An investigation is ongoing.

Little's son/caretaker has not been charged.

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