Daughter charged with murder, abuse in Cleveland County elder abuse case

Shauna Brown, 45, charged with second-degree murder, abuse/exploitation/neglect of vulnerable adult. (Courtesy: Cleveland County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies arrested 45-year-old Shauna Brown Wednesday evening on second-degree murder and abuse/exploitation/neglect of vulnerable adult charges.

Brown is the daughter and sole caregiver of 73-year-old Sharon Ingram who died in August at Norman Regional Hospital.

Investigators determined Ingram died of preventable infections she received while in Brown's care.

Records indicated Adult Protective Services had investigated Brown for the care of Ingram in 2017 and opened a second case in May of 2018.

In May 2018 Ingram was found wandering in the 17000 block of E. Indian Hills Rd. in Newalla and was transported to Norman Regional with severe infections in her lower legs.

She was treated and doctors suggested follow-up care.

Ingram then fell in July of 2018 and was left of the floor for 12 days without medical assistance.

In her statement to APS, Brown said she did not call for medical assistance until her mother had been unresponsive for 24 hours.

Ingram was taken to Normal Regional on Aug. 10 and died Aug. 19 as a result of sepsis shock to her infections.

Cleveland County Detective Matt Sandburg said this is the most severe case of abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult he's seen in his career.

“Protecting our most vulnerable residents is a job we take very seriously,” said Sheriff Todd Gibson. “People with disabilities and the elderly are particularly vulnerable when they don’t get the care and medical attention they need. In this case, the neglect of an elderly woman rose to the criminal level, in our opinion, and the district attorney agreed.”

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