Daniel Holtzclaw information removed from DOC database

Daniel Holtzclaw. (Oklahoma Department of Corrections)

Daniel Holtzclaw's information was removed from the Department of Corrections' online inmate locator for his safety and security.

The DOC tells Fox 25 their primary responsibility is the safety and security of offenders and then the public's safety. Communications Director Terri Watkins said this is not an uncommon practice, but assured Fox 25 Holtzclaw remains in custody.

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As a consequence of the removal, Hotlzclaw's information was removed from the Victim's Notification system, known as V.I.N.E., which is run by the Oklahoma Attorney General's office. The AG's office told Fox 25 the information provided to victims of crime comes from the Department of Corrections. The DOC said Holtzclaw's victims will be notified if he is released. However, Holtzclaw's sentence would not allow for such a release.

Watkins said she was not certain of the state law that allows for the removal of inmates from the publicly accessible database, but that it was most recently done with former State Representative Randy Terrill. However, Terrill's information, including his mug shot and charges remains online as of the publication of this story. Terrill's incarceration for bribery ended last year, but he remains on probation.

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Watkins said she is checking with the department's legal counsel to find the statutory authority for removing inmate information from public view.

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