Dallas police recruit applicants in Tulsa

    Dallas police recruit applicants in Tulsa

    First it was teachers, now it is police officers that Texas wants. The city of Dallas Police Department was in Tulsa this week recruiting at Tulsa Tech for Professional Development Day.

    “We travel the U.S., and I love it that we go to smaller towns, too, because a lot of them don’t know about the opportunities we have at the Dallas Police Department,” said Sr. Cpl Raquel Oliver.

    Oliver says the Dallas Police Department hires cadets as young as 19 and starts them at $60,000 with an Associate’s degree. Those 21 and over only need 45 credit hours.

    Dallas recruiters hope to hire 250 to 300 police officers this year, and they are traveling to cities like Atlanta, Denver and the state of New York, before the end of April.

    Recruiting in Tulsa shows just how competitive police departments are for officers right now.

    “I know when I go to colleges, there are six other police stations trying to recruit the same people when people tell me, ‘Hey, did you know Dallas P.D. was at this event today? Did you know Kansas City was at this event?’” said Sgt. Billy White who leads recruiting with the Tulsa Police Department.

    He says Tulsa has two academies underway right now with a current force of 801. The goal is 960. The City of Tulsa requires police officers to have a Bachelor’s degree and starts officers at $46,425.

    Dallas police will hold the next testing next week.

    The City of Tulsa will graduate its current class in June.

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