Cushing schools soon requiring visitors to scan IDs

    Cushing Schools will require all visitors to scan an ID to enter school later this month. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

    Cushing Public Schools is starting a new check-in process where visitors must show a state-issued ID. Superintendent Koln Knight said it will help them know a lot more about who's inside the building.

    Knight said the new system is something the district has been looking at for the last year. It will soon have the new system installed from schoolSAFEid.

    "Everybody's heard of situations where kids go home with somebody they probably shouldn't be going home with," Knight said. "They were not on the list to pick them up for example. So this is a quick way for us to stay on top of that."

    The new process will require a state-issued ID to visit someone at the school. It will then be scanned into the system so the school knows who you are.

    "If you come into the building and you want to check your child out for a dentist appointment or you want to check them out early or something like that then you need a state-issued photo ID or driver's license and it would scan that," Knight said.

    The system checks the national sex offender registry list. If there is a risk to a student, the visitor won't be allowed past the office.

    "This discourages someone who possibly knows they don't belong in school," Knight said. "If they're going to have go through this process, it decreases the chance they would even come to our building."

    Knight said the district is looking forward to the upgrade.

    "This will make us much more efficient," Knight said. "In the long run, it will save secretarial work. Everything is tracked automatically off the kiosk. We don't have people putting in data manually anymore."

    The check-in process will start at all schools in the district on Feb. 18.

    Some school districts around the metro already use this technology. This includes Edmond, Mustang, Norman and Putnam City schools.

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