Crews assess damage from NW OKC bridge collapse

    Crews assess damage from NW OKC bridge collapse (KOKH)

    As both lanes of NW Expressway and May continue to be blocked, crews from the city were assessing the damage and trying to determine how to move forward to fix the bridge.

    "At this moment it looks like several beams have been damaged, obviously the deck is completely failed," says Eric Wenger with the city's engineering department.

    The bridge was constructed in the 1950's and has been maintained by the city since then.

    In 1993, another truck higher than the clearance hit on the other side of the road causing similar damage. The bridge has had regular inspections since then, and the last was in 2014, the same year another truck was stuck in the bridge.

    In looking at the damage, city crews says it appears the truck was also too high for the clearance.

    They say it could take months to fix the entire bridge and get it open again.

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