Crescent forced to shut down ambulance services

These ambulances could possibly not be running as the city is running out of funds to cover the payroll. (KOKH)

The small community of Crescent in Logan County is being forced to shut down its ambulance program amid funding issues.

Crescent EMS staffs two ambulances 24/7, and they can reach residents within 5 minutes, but without those ambulances, the nearest EMS help would be in Guthrie, 20 minutes away.

"When you're talking about a medical emergency, the sooner the better," says EMS Director Kent Foster.

Foster says the ambulances are crucial in Crescent, which has a large elderly population that relies on the ambulance service, but the city says it has less than $10,000 left in its budget for the ambulance, which isn't enough to cover payroll.

The city even held a raffle to raise money to try and keep the service up for another few weeks, but they're now forced to shut down services Sunday morning.

In the meantime, the city is looking into working with surrounding communities in Guthrie and possibly contracting with private EMS companies to get some services back before January, when they're hoping to get a penny sales tax on the ballot.

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