Creationist speaks at UCO after being re-invited by the university president

Ken Ham speaks to a group at UCO, Monday March 5, 2018. (KOKH/Ben Latham)

A controversial Christian speaker spoke at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Ken Ham, a creationist who founded Answers in Genesis, gave his presentation to a packed auditorium Monday.

The university president extended the invitation for Ham to speak during free speech week.

"Freedom of speech and expression is fundamental to who we are here at UCO,” said UCO communication director Charlie Johnson before introducing Ham to the audience.

FOX 25 told you about backlash and questions about whether Ham should get to speak or not. He had already been invited to speak at UCO once before by the Student Government Association, then disinvited reportedly out of pressure from LGBT groups.

"There are sometimes aggressive people within certain groups that disagree with our world view, that really want to shut down freedom of speech," Ham said. "We've seen that happen at other universities and people didn't want to see that happen here in Oklahoma."

Ham, joined by Dr. Georgia Purdom, spoke about creationism and the science that can be used to prove what the Bible describes in its first book.

"We were saying that science confirms the Bible's account of origins. We're really tell them the Bible's history is true," Ham said.

There was one person who stood with a sign in protest of Ham, outside the building where the event was held.

The crowd in the hall was receptive to the presentation.

"We couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming place as we arrived here," Ham said.

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