Two dead in crash between semi and vehicle on Piedmont Road

Firefighters on scene of a fatal crash Sept. 13 near NW 122 and Piedmont. (KOKH/Steven Anderson)

Two people are dead following a crash between a vehicle and a semi-truck Wednesday on Piedmont Road.

Oklahoma City police report that just before 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 13, a Cadillac ran a stop sign at Piedmont Road and NW 122 and hit the semi-truck.

“Collision happened at the back of the trailer, right at where the axles meet the trailer,” said Lt. Tommy Joyce with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Firefighters report that the force of the car knocked the axles off the trailer.

“The truck driver miraculously was able to keep the truck on the road and bring it to a stop, but when he came to a stop, the vehicle was underneath the truck in a ditch,” said Battalion Chief Mike Kelley with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

The car was trapped underneath the trailer’s 28-ton load of sand.

"We've had to call additional wreckers to come help us get the vehicles removed from each other." Joyce said. "We're having the fire department assist us with cutting the vehicle open so we can get to the occupants."

First responders found two people dead inside the Cadillac. The victims of the crash have not been identified pending notification of family. The driver of the semi-truck wasn’t hurt.

“In this instance, there was really nothing the truck driver could do,” said Kelley. “He was traveling and he didn't have any kind of signal or stop… and someone came up underneath him. And that could happen to anybody.”

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one in 10 highway deaths involve tractor-trailers. Research also shows that most deaths are the passengers in the smaller vehicles.

“Just obey the rules of the road,” Kelley said. “Even if you're traveling on a road that doesn't have a stop sign and you see someone coming up, just be aware of your surroundings.”

The crash is still under investigation.

Drivers are urged to avoid the area if possible.

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