Couple of 50 years loses home to Saturday's 5.6 earthquake

Johnny and Janice Bryant speak to Fox 25 on Sept. 5, 2016. After 50 years of marriage, lost their home to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. (KOKH)

Clean up continues right now in Pawnee, the city which was hit the hardest from Saturday's 5.6 magnitude earthquake. Rural neighborhoods, those closest a to the epicenter, were torn apart.

Janice Bryant is always early to rise and was getting household chores done when her home began to violently shake.

"It knocked me to be floor to the point to where I couldn't get up until the house quit shaking." she said.

Her husband Johnny ran to the kitchen and was met with broken glass and crumbling walls.

"I was worried about our little granddaughter," Johnny said, "she was coming around and she knew something had happened and it was startling to her."

The Bryants then stepped outside to find their home of 50 years falling apart. The couple says the only next step is to tear it down.

"We were walking through today, trying to figure out what we could salvage out of the house and it's sad, we raised our children in that house and there's a lot of memories in that house, but we're going to go on."

The governor has issued a state of emergency for Pawnee county that will last for 30 days.

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