Oklahoma County clerk documents now available online

The new Oklahoma County Clerk is adding upgrades to technology so people can access documents from his office. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

When David Hooten took over as Oklahoma County Clerk in January there were several areas where he wanted to make his office more accessible. One was being able to access records online instead of making a trip to his office.

"Now the difference is that rather than (coming here), all of that is already digitized and online," Hooten said. "It's a lot quicker."

It's now all possible on the county clerk's new website, There, you can look up documents in the clerk's office, view them for free and download a copy for 25 cents. There's even voice recognition that allows you to easily fill-in the name line.

"Whether it be people that English isn't their first language or people that have a disability that wouldn't be able to see things," Hooten said. "This is all very accessible for them so that was very important to me."

The new website allows for updated payment options as well. The office now takes credit cards and cash instead of only cash.

There are also plans to have all payments done from the office through direct deposit, cutting a paper trail and printing costs.

Hooten even pitched in another talent he has to cut costs, composing the site's jingle on his own.

"If people can just remember the," he said. "It maybe would be their first point of contact."

Hooten said the biggest advantage of the new website is saving money for the taxpayer.

He said he's going to continue to try to add more technology to make his office more accessible.

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