Norman council member proposes environmentally friendly changes

Residents leave their trash cans and recycle bins out for pickup (KOKH Mckenna Eubank).

A Norman City Council member is working on a plan to reduce plastic waste.

Norman City Councilwoman Breea Clark wants to make her city the first place in the metro to ban plastic bags. It's the age-old question when grocery shopping: “Paper, or plastic”? But Norman residents might not get a choice after this coming fall.

She plans to propose to ban plastic sacks all together, or fine stores who have them. This proposal is still in the very early stages, but Clark tells FOX 25 the formal process will start as early as this fall.

FOX 25 spoke to shoppers in Norman who seemed to be on board with the idea.

"I would kind of like to see the plastic bags go away just because they're not environmentally friendly," Local shopper, Carolyn Seiter said.

According to the City of Norman's website, They have some of the best recycling rates in the country and those plastic sacks just might be the culprit that's keeping their numbers from being on top.

"Paper cuts down trees.” Resident Kathy Mort laughingly said, "and I'm like, 'save the trees!' We need trees. So, really you know, neither one is really good for the environment.''

Clark was unable to speak with fox 25 Wednesday, but she did say she got the idea from Boulder, Colorado. Find out more about their program here.

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