Controversial Holtzclaw documentary to be shown in Enid Saturday

A controversial documentary based on the former Oklahoma City Police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, who was convicted of rape will premiere in Enid, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016.

A two-part series questioning convicted rapist, Daniel Holtzclaw's guilt is set to premiere in Oklahoma.

FOX 25 was the first to report on a billboard advertising the series, angering victims and Oklahoma City Police. The billboard showed a picture of former Oklahoma City Police officer and convicted rapist, Daniel Holtzclaw. Next to his picture it says "What if he didn't do it?"

The billboard was placed in the Northeast Oklahoma City neighborhood where Holtzclaw's many victims lived. The billboard advertises a two-part series titled "Daniel in the Den - the Truth about the Holtzclaw Case."

CRTV, a conservative subscriber-based media outlet, is behind the production and behind the controversial billboard. Tyler Media announced just 24 hours after our report aired that it would take down the billboard.

"You have women, multiple women who were raped, who were abused, who were victimized and now you're going to further victimize them by putting big billboards that everyone can see in the community where you live," says Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama.

Many that were involved in the Holtzclaw case were interviewed for the series. Brian Bates, who worked on the defense team played a large role. OKC Artists for Justice was also interviewed. They are an advocacy group for Holtzclaw's victims. They told FOX 25 they were told the documentary was about something different.

Oklahoma City Police are mirroring that statement. They also tell FOX 25 they were approached for an interview.

"We opened our doors and allowed them access into our building and some of our detectives which we didn't have to do. We could have just given a statement and been done with that. The reason they got that access is because they said look this is a documentary we want to show both sides. We want to inform the public and obviously we're for that. But that's not what they were trying to do at all," Balderrama said.

Balderrama said Michelle Malkin, the face behind the series, took a sharp turn when asking questions.

"They were very one sided they were very aggressive as a matter of fact at one point I asked their producers 'look did the defense team come up with these questions?'"

In a statement Malkin said:

"The liberals have Frontline on PBS and 60 Minutes on CBS. I decided it was time for a real alternative-

an alternative that doesn't whitewash the truth or cave to opinions endorsed by the mainstream


CRTV launched in December, and "Daniel in the Den" can be viewed on their website for a price. You'll have to pay $99 a year to subscribe.

32:37:07 "it's very important to us to have a very open transparent relationship with the media and we do, but this is more of a business project," Balderrama said.

The premiere of "Daniel in the Den" will be in Enid on Saturday at 11am.

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