COMMUNITY FOCUS: Oklahoma Mothers' Milk Bank

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    Some mothers struggle to produce breast milk for their babies, and for premature babies it's crucial for their development. The Oklahoma Mothers' Milk Bank is working to fulfill this need one donation at a time.

    Just in time for the holiday season Victoria Mate'Kole made a generous donation. The mother of three gave 21 gallons of her breast milk.

    "I'm just glad I'm saving someone else's life you know. We need breast milk to help these kids grow," said OMMB donor Victoria Mate'Kole.

    The 40-year old nurse practitioner works a 12-hour night shift in Lawton and is currently breastfeeding her 13-month son Elliot.

    " If I can share the supply, why not share the goodness," said Mate'Kole.

    The Oklahoma Mother's Milk Bank can make up to 300 bottles a day, but their supply has been low since the holidays.

    "We are fortunate to have great moms in the state of Oklahoma that have been continually donating with us, but there's still a need for more milk," said OMMB production coordinator Chris Jourden.

    The milk is not only distributed to Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Oklahoma, but close to a dozen units across the state.

    "One bottle alone could feed three tiny babies," said Jourden

    All milk is tested before it is distributed. If you would to donate, here's a link for more information:

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