Community Focus: The Hispanic Arts Council of Oklahoma honors local artists


The Oklahoma art scene is diverse and growing and minority communities are taking the opportunity to tell their stories.

The Hispanic Arts Council of Oklahoma gathered some of the most talented local artists for their yearly awards ceremony, and they talked to Fox 25 about how they live as Americans, immigrants, Latinos, and what inspires them to create.

Marti Rickman with the Hispanic Arts Council of Oklahoma says it's important to honor the work that goes into artists sharing their gifts.

“We give people part of us, and if you are a dancer, a singer, or painter, you do your culture through all of that, and we want to share it with Oklahoma,” says Rickman.

Mariana Llanos is a children's literature author who was selected as the best artist of the year. Her works are published in both English and Spanish.

"I just want to remind people at home that if you have dreams, go follow them, work hard for them. It doesn't matter where you come from all that matters is where you are going," says Llanos.

Dr. RC Davis -Undiano was honored as the most outstanding literature artist of the of the year. He is an OU faculty member, and his latest book Mestizos Come Home examines the Mexican-American identity.

“There are millions of Americans who have never met a black person, have never been good friends with a Latino, have never met somebody from abroad, and that is a problem because with that lack of contact, with that distance people begin to fill in for themselves,” say Davis -Undiano.

Erika Reyes was selected as dance artist of the year. She is director and owner of Everything Goes Dance Studio. Expression through dance is a passion for Reyes, and teaching has taken an important role in her life.

“I has just been hours of dedication and love and passion, and I am happy to bring that and have it here in Oklahoma,” says Reyes.

Seven different Oklahoma Latino artists received distinctions for their work. Next week fox 25's Community Focus will profile the other four artists making Oklahoma proud.

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