Community Focus: A Therapist's Truth

    Shantel Farrow talks to Fox 25 reporter Jasmine Anderson about her life and her work. (KOKH)

    Shantel Farrow's life changed forever when she was just six years old.

    "I recalled being so confused, because this person I trusted," said Farrow, a Pivot Therapist and Intake Manager.

    The Okmulgee native was sexually abused by a family friend.

    Farrow told her family what happened, but justice was never served. The abuse would continue for about seven years, this time with multiple perpetrators.

    "Being six and nothing happening, you don't see anyone coming to your aid," Farrow said. "You say well, 'I guess I won't say anything.' I kind of felt alone. I went through a series of depression, anxiety, and then at the age of 14 I tried to commit suicide,.

    Farrow's relationships suffered because she isolated herself from everyone.

    "I was just kind of like in a bubble," she said, "and tried to work through things myself, and I put up a huge wall."

    At age 14, she went to church with her grandmother where she made an invaluable connection with the youth director. She would later find her voice again through faith and education.

    "I was introduced to a woman who changed my life," Farrow said. "She supported me, and really poured into me, and is the reason why I'm sitting before you again."

    This is the same impact she hopes to instill in adolescent teenagers through her program called "Girl Talk." The therapeutic program allows for 13- to 18-year-old girls to connect with professional women who share similar trauma experiences, with a goal to create a safe environment to nurture and inspire the girls in the program.

    " I want them to see that somebody has been there where they've been and that they can overcome it," said Farrow.

    Farrow works at "Pivot: A Turning Point For Youth" in Oklahoma City. It's a non-profit that advocates and provides multiple services for youth and families. The organization will never turn anyone away.

    They have counseling sessions that cost as little as $5. For information about Pivot, call 405-235-7537 or visit their website

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