Communities rally around Beggs following tragic killing of high school football player

Communities rally around Beggs following tragic killing of high school football player (KTUL)

A tragic week for the small town of Beggs as the running back for the high school team was shot and killed Thursday morning.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff's office says his mother shot and killed him and also shot his sister and attempted to shoot another, but missed.

Kayson Toliver spent nearly every Friday on the football field.

He was an 18-year-old running back, with skills.

"He would go through those tackles and his goal was to get to the end zone," Beggs parent Sonya Richardson said. "He was an amazing player to watch and it will be missed."

Toliver had fans on the field and in the stands.

What he didn't know, he had fans who he'd never met.

"I don't know Kayson but I know his friends, I know people who know him, what is dear to them is dear to me because we are family," Richardson said.

Richardson sits in the stands at every Beggs High School home game.

Tonight's game she will be there, this time wearing a special ribbon she made for herself and the community.

"I really wanted to give this to the community as a way to show support," Richardson said.

Support knows no boundaries for this area of Oklahoma.

"I know these kids are hurting and that makes me hurt to know they are going through that and we just want to be there," Shane Delso said.

Delso and his wife, Hilary, have never spoken to Toliver, but they just couldn't sit back.

"We are selling T shirts," Delso said. "All of the proceeds goes to the family."

Nothing will erase the tragedy, or bring Toliver back.

If anything, Delso hopes it brings light to a very dark situation.

"I hope they feel love, support and encouragement," Delso said.

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