Collinsville dispensary sent cease and desist by city

    Collinsville dispensary sent cease and desist by city even with proper state licenses (KTUL)

    COLLINSVILLE, Okla. (KTUL) – A new medical marijuana dispensary is having issues trying to open after the city sent a cease and desist letter. The owner said it is not going to stop him.

    Brad Peixotto is getting ready to open World of Weed next Tuesday.

    “I originally got into this business to help people and that’s what I am trying to do,” he said.

    On Wednesday, he received a letter from the City of Collinsville Code Enforcement telling him to remove his sign out front and that he can’t open Jan. 15.

    He’s the first in town to apply for a medical marijuana dispensary license.

    “I paid them my money and didn’t hear anything,” he said. “A couple weeks went by, and I went to City Hall and said, 'What’s going on?' At that time, I was told they had an emergency meeting after I applied for a dispensary license in Collinsville. Whenever I asked, they said something about codes being enforced, and as of right now, there are no codes on the books.”

    He’s been to several city council meetings since November, but the issue keeps getting pushed back, and now won’t be discussed until the middle of February.

    “I’ve gone to the mayor,” Peixotto said. “I told him what I was doing back when I applied for my license. I’ve gone to the chief of police and told him what I was doing. I’m just a business man, trying to do business -- a legitimate business that’s legal in the state of Oklahoma now.”

    “I hate to speculate, but I’m starting to get the idea that city leaders here in Collinsville are opposed to medical marijuana being in their city at all,” he said. “I say to them, 'Unfortunately, there was a vote back on June 26 called 788. If you didn’t like it, you should have gotten out and voted.'”

    Dale Uni Corn, owner of Dale Uni Corn Cannabis Company, is a grower in the area. He recently received his state license as well. He doesn’t understand why there is an issue.

    “There’s a big stigma against marijuana and cannabis in this industry,” he said. “There’s a lot of small guys like me, a lot of small guys like this dispensary right here, and we’re just trying to do it right, and we’re trying to do it right for the patients of Oklahoma.”

    With Peixotto’s paperwork complete and a commercial dispensary license from the state, he plans to open Jan. 15 no matter what.

    “We’ve pushed that off several times, but we’re going to press forward,” he said. “The city can do whatever they want as far as I am concerned, but I’ll be opening my doors on Jan. 15.”

    The city manager did not return our calls on Thursday or see us when we asked to speak to her inside City Hall about why this code enforcement is just now being implemented.

    Peixotto is hiring an attorney to handle this situation if it escalates.

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