COLD CASE: Investigators seek Facebook's help in Carina Saunders homicide

OSBI filed three search warrants this week, looking to obtain information from Facebook regarding the October 2011 murder of Carina Saunders (KOKH)

It's been two weeks since Carina Saunders' mother, Margie Queen, stood in front of nearly a dozen cameras and pleaded for help in finding her daughter's murderer.

"To her killers, know that we will never give up until justice is served," she told reporters on Oct. 13. Saunders' body was found in October of 2011 - her death was ruled a homicide by medical examiner, but the search is still on for her killer(s).

On Friday, three new search warrants were filed by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations for Facebook information involving three people.

OSBI wouldn't comment on the new search warrants, only telling FOX 25 that search warrants are part of any investigation. Ultimately, the warrants all seek Facebook's help in obtaining information regarding messages, photographs, friends and log-in and log-out times. However, details in these documents shed a dark light on the final weeks of Saunders' life.

A warrant seeking information from the account of Judy Roberts, a 41-year-old woman currently serving time on a variety of drug convictions, alleges Roberts and Saunders were good friends in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. Accusations in the warrant indicate that Saunders and Roberts used drugs together and were on their way to the Newcastle Casino before Saunders went missing. There are varying reports of the red truck investigators believe Saunders eventually hopped into.

The warrant also alleges Roberts was nervous because she owed money to Mexican drug dealers and had possibly stolen from cartels. She's also accused of showing up to her home out of breath and in shock days before Saunders' body was actually found.

Another warrant seeks Facebook information from Kyle Savage. Savage admits to knowing Saunders for about two years before her death. It says the two exchanged messages in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. Savage is also accused of texting one of Saunders' female family members (he says he thought it was a male) and saying, "I'm going to bury you next to Carina." In the warrant Savage admits to sending this message, but claims he was the one who felt threatened. When asked why he sent this message days before Saunders' body was found, he had no answer. Savage was never charged in relation to the murder.

The last warrant filed seeks information from Kenny Richards. Richards is a convicted felon accused of making a nude video and of "pimping out" Saunders in the weeks before her death. There are also anonymous Crime Stoppers tips linking Richards to the murder, but nothing was ever substantiated.

Facebook cooperated with the investigation and turned over several years worth of messages, photographs, friends' lists and other data from Roberts, Richards and Savage.

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